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  • El Pueblito Iguazu
  • El Pueblito Iguazu
  • El Pueblito Iguazu


El Pueblito Iguazú – Hotel Temático was born with the dream of its creator and her passion about nature.

The hotel is situated in one of the last portions of "Paranaense" Forest. It is eco-sustainable in all of its infrastructure, surrounded by a natural reserve by the "Los Pájaros" lake together with the theme natural park Biocentro Iguazú. Its design recreates the historical and cultural monuments of Puerto Iguazú: like the local school, National Park, customs and the police department.

It uses solar panels and other techniques to reduce the ambiental impact. The buying policy at the hotel is made in a way so we can respect the ecological sustainable and, at the same time, help local suppliers to grow without damaging the eco-system. Plastic artists and craftmen from the nearby zone bitro, stone and painting art that makes this hotel unique.

While deciding a place to stay and living an unique experience surrounded by nature, art and good resting, in Puerto Iguazú there is now a touristic resource and this is El Pueblito Iguazú.

If you are a nature-lover, you enjoy peace and authenticity, this is your place.

Mision, Vision and Values


El Pueblito Iguazú is a eco-sustainable hotel in Puerto Iguazú surrounded by flora and fauna that offers its visitors an unique experience to relax and be in touch with nature, art and the architecture of the city.

The Hotel is the only one of its kind, characterized for offering excelence of service, authenticity of its cultural support, the peace and the contact with nature.


Position ourselves as a unique hotel in Puerto Iguazú characterized for its excelence of service, its authencity of its promotion of cultural and heritage value, peace and being able to be in touch with nature.


- Feeling of belonging to Puerto Iguazú, to the local community, to the Hotel and its team.

- Love for Puerto Iguazú, awknowledging the value and the importance of the diffusion of its cultural and architectural heritage.

- Common benefit interinalizing in our actions as a company and providing our services

- Stablishing relationships with local communities as a company to support local development

- Excellence in quality of service prioritizing satisfaction in the provision of services and always seeking to go beyond our customers expectatives and supporting a continuous improvement in our sustainable actions.

Aware of our surroundings

We are aware that our activity generates a social an ecological impact in our environment. That is why we created some policies to help us diminish or eliminate these impacts. For further information, please read our policies:

- Policy of Prevention Of Social Prejudice

- Policy of Prevention and Eradication of The Sexual Exploitation

- Sustainability Policy

We would like to invite you to join us to keep the well-being of our region by following these codes:

- Code of Conduct for Visits to Native Communities

- Code of Conduct for The Visit to Places of Cultural or Patrimonial

- Code of Ethics

- Code of Conduct for Visinting Sites of Natural Interest

Other Hotel Policies:

- Drinks and food Policy